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Amani Jouza

jubilee institute
interpersonal development program coordinator
Amman, Jordan
An educator, an acclaimed trainer, and a human rights activist, three roles which Amani Jouza plays and there are many more. Upon completing her degree, Amani could not have imagined that she would be acting in the capacities and the roles she is acting in today. Offers with new challenges continued to appeared in her path and she consistently accepted the challenges. She began her life as an educator at an international school in china only to be promoted shortly after to a principal after her supervisor realized her potential. Other would have been satisfied with the position, and would have served in such capacity for an extended period of time but Amani did not; she felt athat she was destined for greater things, and by god she was right. She is currently the coordinator for the interpersonal development program at Jubilee School, a TEDx event supervisor, in addition to her being a life coach at Ithraa training center. she has a vast experience in development and implementation of innovative teaching methods, educational technology, and relational enrichment.

My Voices Sessions

Tuesday, September 11

1:30pm EEST