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Amy Williams

Cultural Anthopologist / Qual Researcher
When people ask me what I do, perplexed by the complexity of the question and rather long listing the nonsensical titles or industries I circulate, I simply respond, “ I explore culture.”

Years ago I landed in a small Bulgarian village as a Peace Corps volunteer and learned the science of cultural integration, while simultaneously discovering the talent of understanding the intricacies of foreign cultures and people, as well as serving as a bridge for outside appreciation through the power of connection.

My foray into the world of advertising and marketing can be called an accident – I was working in education development in Korea when a classroom of 13-year-old girls turned me into an unwitting expert on Korean youth culture and media. Then “Gangnam Style” hit and the agencies came knocking desperate to learn about everything Korea. So I guess I have k-pop to thank for giving me a stage to share my insights about global cultures and the nooks and crannies of global interestingness I thrive on.

Now, I’m just a jack of many trades – a freelance trend analyst, strategic qualitative researcher, consumer/cultural insights consultant and brand strategist. Travel is my inspiration. The world is my market. Endless curiosity and pursuit of "Aha" is my fuel. The streets are where I find the stories and insights. And the fact that I can synthesize, write and engage an audience of learners means people hire me and trust me with their brands and clients.

And when I'm not doing that, I'm a witch. And moonlight in international development and curate global textiles from craftspeople around the world for creative side hustles.

My Voices Sessions

Wednesday, September 12

11:15am EEST