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Buthaina Aburoza

Qutoof Environmental Education
Amman, Jordan
I am a passionate social green entrepreneur, who founded Qutoof Professional Development in 2015 to provide the skills and knowledge required to assess occupational competence in various areas of the waste management & recycling industry, including waste collection, weighbridge and site operatives and supervisory roles. And to empower individuals to acquire all the knowledge, values, skills they need and to apply it with confidence, creativity and enjoyment.

I have over a decade of experience working with communities in different sectors under the umbrella of one of the united nation organizations, have passion in environment conservation and cooperative actions to empower the communities to be part of the solutions

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Qutoof is a non-profit professional development organization aiming to establish a high caliber center of excellence in Jordan for achieving sustainability and green growth indicators with extra emphasis on developing the sector of waste management and the recycling industry in the region.

Qutoof is eager to provide/ to support the various societies with long-term learning and green accredited international vocational education, to educate and enable generations to deal with the environmental challenges and to enhance their ability to achieve the sustainable development goals in the coming years.
Qutoof the leading approved center from City & Guilds of London institute in Jordan and the region.offers international certificates in waste management and recycling, targeting the formal and informal workforce in this sector, including the emerging junior workforce. Furthermore, we work to spread the recycling culture and to support recycling entrepreneurial projects through PPPs. And to develop solutions through Public-private partnership.

My Voices Sessions

Monday, September 10

11:45am EEST

Vision, Mission, Passion, Action: Meet your Impact Stream. Auditorium

1:30pm EEST

Tuesday, September 11

1:30pm EEST