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Mas Watad

President & Co-Founder
Mas believes that science and health can go hand-in-hand with her native Arabic culture and has devoted her life to make that understanding widespread to improve the health of thousands of people. After completing her BSc in Nutrition Sciences in Jerusalem, Mas invented the “Dawsat Method” in order to help her community lose weight and live healthier while continuing to eat the foods of the traditional Arab kitchen and staying within the habits of Arab culture.

With the Dawsat method, Mas has helped over 35,000 people lose weight and live healthier lives. Mas appears on Maan and Palestine TV regularly, and has an annual TV program during Ramadan. Mas has been widely recognized as an innovator in the entrepreneurship and nutrition space, including by the Jordanian Nutritionist Association and is a frequently invited guest on shows such as MBC’s “Kalam Nawa’em”. (Watch Mas on MBC's Kalam Nawa'em: https://daws.at/MPUCgy)

Since co-founding Dawsat, as president of the company, Mas has focused on leveraging digital tools and Internet access to bring the Dawsat method into every home in the Arab world by developing an online groups, a mobile Application and supporting women entrepreneurs around the region to be hubs for communities of wellness.

View Mas' video content and written content can be viewed on www.dawsat.com