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Saed Khawaldeh

University of Oxford
Researcher of Neurotechnology
Khawaldeh is a 25 years old researcher of Biomedical Engineering, Neurotechnology, and Nanotechnology. His main research area of interest include developing neurotechnological applications through integrating neuroimaging methodologies (i.e. MRI, EEG, LFP, and MEG), brain stimulation methods (i.e. DBS, TMS, TACS, and TDCS), and artificial intelligence (i.e. machine learning, deep learning, and feature engineering).

In 2014, Khawaldeh has done an internship at MIT Media Lab (U.S.A.). In early 2015, he started a research internship at the National Magnetic Resonance Research Center of Turkey, he also worked as teaching assistant at Bilkent University (Turkey). Afterward, he started working as a research and teaching assistant between Istanbul Sehir and Bogazici Universities (Turkey). In summer 2016, he started a research internship at MPI for Biological Cybernetics (Germany). In Sep 2016, he started working on a six months research project at the French national center for scientific research. Afterward, he has done a six months research internship at NASA medical Informatics. In summer 2017, he worked as a research assistant at Aalto University (Finland). Starting from January 2018, Khawaldeh joined the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences at University of Oxford (U.K.).

My Voices Sessions

Tuesday, September 11

1:30pm EEST